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Second Pan African Cultural Festival of Algiers

July 5 to 20, 2009

40 years ago, in 1969, Algeria was honored by hosting in Algiers, the First Pan-African festival. Who does not bear in mind this extraordinary event! Africa almost free from colonial yoke, affirmed itself with a dazzling manner! Showing the world the extreme richness of its artistic and cultural heritage.

It was truly a distinctive celebration of the African unity and solidarity.

Forty years later, the new edition of the Pan-African festival in Algiers from 5th to 20th of July, 2009, on the initiative of the African Union; gives back to the Algerian capital its pan African dimension. Algiers will become an open space of two weeks intended clearly to break the vicious circle of the ignorance that still persists about the African universe.

This challenge is great and certainly exciting in the sense that Algeria will host hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate the artistic renaissance of Africa.

It will offer a new opportunity for Africa to show the extraordinary diversity and its creativity in all artistic and cultural aspects such as theater, music, choreography, cinema, literature, comics, visual arts and crafts.

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