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If you are eager to explore an outstanding place, Algeria may be exactly the one which satisfies your expectations. The majority of tourists who visit Algeria find their discoveries unforgettable. Unlike what they imagined, landscapes they witness are far from endless deserts and obsolete villages. Visitors will realize that exceptional thriving pastures, elegant urban areas and harbors are feast to their eyes. With unparalleled monuments, the countless ancient sites and the astounding views, Algeria has a plenty of landscapes to share with a visitor than simply a glance at Sahara; each of major cities and villages in the country will welcome you with exceptional places worth finding out about.

Along the seaside of the Mediterranean, a number of most notable Algerian cities are located. Upon your arrival, you will find the opportunity to savor the magnificent cobalt waters. Algerian sceneries are full of dynamism and always capture visitor's heart.

From the coastal area, the land ascends towards the summit of the Atlas Mountains until it reaches the other end of the Sahara Desert. Algeria's mountainous land occupies a considerable part of the country. Some of Algerian mountains are integrated in the grandiose Atlas Mountain Range whereas others find their places inside the nation's borders. The forbidden desert with its savage creatures, Oasis covering a large portion of land, and the national parks like any others, offers a brand new experience full of charm to the visitor.

Unlike the general perception, Algeria is equally a land of a striking biodiversity: with a broad range of views and ecological districts, Algeria encompasses abundance of natural heritage. Algeria has a series of indigenous species you can hardly find elsewhere including the Monk Seal, Barbary red deer, Kabylie Nuthatch and Audouin's Gull. A widespread network of preservation zones has been established in Algeria for the protection of this valuable natural heritage. The National Parks is home to a number of fauna and flora, covering the Mediterranean coast, deserts and the mountains.

Either looking for an adventure or a relaxing time, opportunities are endless and Algeria has something for everyone.

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