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Algiers, a very attractive city, is a mixture of the ancient Islamic, French, and modern Algerian architectures.

The ancient town, known as the Casbah of Algiers, is founded on the ruins of old Icosium. It is a small city which, built on a hill, goes down towards the sea, divided in two: the High city and the Low city. One finds there masonries and mosques of the 17th century; Ketchaoua mosque (built in 1794 by the Dey Baba Hassan) flanked of two minarets, mosque el Djedid (1660, at the time of Turkish regency) with its large finished ovoid cupola points some and its four coupolettes, mosque El Kebir (oldest of the mosques, it was built by almoravide Youssef Ibn Tachfin and rebuilt later in 1794), mosque Ali Betchnin (Rais, 1623), Dar Aziza, palate of Jenina. To outsiders, the Casbah appears to be a confusing labyrinth of lanes and dead-end alleys flanked by picturesque houses; however if one loses oneself there, it is enough to go down again towards the sea to reposition oneself.

There are quite a few pleasant boulevards dating back to the the French colonization (1830 to 1962).

In a one day-trip from Algiers, one can enjoy hiking or skiing in the Chrea mountains, a refreshing tour to the Chiffa Gorges, the sandy beaches and historical sites of the towns of Tipasa, Djemila, and Timgad, and the ruins of Tenes and Cherchell .

View of the city
Boulevard Khmisti
Algiers at night
Algiers at night Harbor of Algiers Harbor of Algiers
Notre Dame d'Afrique
Interior of Notre Dame d Afrique Interior of Notre Dame d Afrique


Oran (Wahran in Arabic), the second city after Algiers, besides being a primary business center and a major industrial pole, is also a major touristic destination with its beaches, historical remains, and mosques. Along the coast, there are a number of resorts and high-standing hotels. Major beaches include Ain El Turk, Les Andalouses, Canastel, Kristel, Mostaganem and Sablettes. Les Andalouses offers all types of watersport facilities, nightclub entertainment, and first-class accommodation.

View of the city

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Constantine, one of the major cities of the Eastern Algeria, not too far from the Tunisian border. The Setting of the city is striking: a deep gorge protects nearly all borders of the city. Constantine is situated on a plateau at 640 metres above sea level. The city is framed by a deep ravine and has a dramatic appearance. The city is very picturesque with a number of bridges and a viaduct crossing the ravine. The ravine is crossed by four bridges, including Pont Sidi M'Cid. Among the main sights:

  • Gustave Mercier Museum (displays of ancient and modern art).
  • Abd al Hamid Ben Badis Mosque.
  • The Constantine Casbah.
  • Emir Abd al-Qadir University & Mosque.
  • Soumma Mausoleum.
  • Massinissa's Mausoleum.
  • The Palace of Ahmed Bey.
  • Ruins of the Antonian Roman aqueduct.
  • Ben Abdelmalek Stadium

Nearby is the Roman city of Tiddis and the megalithic monuments and burial grounds at Djebel Mazala Salluste.

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View of the city
Bridge Bridge Bridge
Emir Abd al-Qadir University & Mosque.
Mosque Mosque Mosque
Interior of Notre Dame d Afrique


Annaba, another magnificent city, is located in the northeastern corner of Algeria, near the Tunisian border. It to plan a one-day trip from Tunisia. Annaba, historically known by Hippo Regius, was first inhabited by Phoenicians and allied with Carthage. The basilica of St. Augustine draws your mind to the contemporary Sacre Coeur in Paris.

Beaches of Annaba
St. Augustine St. Augustine St. Augustine

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Bejaia (Bgayet in Kabyle), is a Mediterranean port on the Gulf of Bejaia, capital of Bejaia Province, northern Algeria. Under French rule, it was formerly known under various European names, such as Budschaja in German, Bugia in Italian, and Bougie, which are words for 'candle'.

The town is overlooked by the mountain Yemma Gouraya, whose profile is said to resemble a sleeping woman; other nearby scenic spots include the Pic des Singes (Monkey Peak) and the Aiguades beach. All three are contained in the Gouraya National Park. The Soummam river runs past the town. [Source: Wikipedia]

Bejaia Bejaia Bejaia
Bejaia Bejaia Bejaia
Bejaia Bejaia Yemma Gouraya

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